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Pamela Olivia Brown

Tuesday Radio Show is sponsored by Doc Concrescence

Pamela Olivia Brown is a fourth-generation spirit and healing medium. Her paternal great-grandfather and grandfather practiced Hoodoo, an African American folk tradition. Her father was the neighborhood 'fix-it' man.

Pamela continues the legacy of healing with her own unique integration of reiki, magick, and mediumship. She is certified as a Ryoho Usui Reiki Master, Angelic Life Coach, and Professional Intuitive. She also completed studies in herbalism, shamanic practices, and cosmic earth work.

Today, Pamela's intention is to connect people to the Divine in fun and easy ways through her blog, courses, guided meditations, and books.

Pamela helps assist people with the following:

  • Remembering they are spiritual beings and that all aspects of life are spiritual;
  • Developing and strengthening psychic abilities;
  • Reconnecting with their spirit family – angels, spirit guides and Loved Ones;
  • Healing energy blocks so they are have a balanced mind and body;
  • Manifesting their heart’s desire;
  • Having fun connecting to Spirit.

She gives readings to others about love, money, health and life purpose. My favorite part about my work is teaching people psychic development and how to connect with their guides and angels on a daily basis.  Get your private reading here.

In her free time, Pamela enjoys photography, writing poetry, traveling, and vegan cooking.




Doctor Concrescence is a Kava, Tea, and Elixir Bar and Social Club in the beautiful historic Perry Building in downtown Binghamton. Its location makes for an amazing place to relax, people watch, or listen to, or preform, live music and poetry. The idea of Doc Con’s is to be a place where people and plants meet, and a place to converse.
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