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"Alex Levy Show" with Alex Levy

"Alex Levy Show" with Alex Levy

Thursday Online Radio Host


As a Psychic Medium Alex understands the complexities of just getting through a typical day. Some days are full of trials and tests and others are filled with near magic and ease. But as a Psychic Medium, Alex’s purview expands to include the incredible spectrum of information available to his trained inner eye and ear, training that he started at the age of 13 when he taught himself to read the tarot. 

As a Virgo, Alex’s natural desire to serve others in the achievement of a happier life led him to deepen his already innate understanding of angels, crystals, the mystical world and of course the world of healing Alex connects to his clients with tremendous compassion because he sees empathy as the doorway to their world, and once in he can use his ”connections” to provide what is forever in their highest good. Alex has studied Advanced Mediumship through the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD) is the author of 7 Strategies For Strengthening Your Intuition, and creator of the brand new The Spirit Guided Oracle which is a uniquely modern way to FEELING spirit-guided, while leveling up your own intuition.


Visit his website:  www.AlexLevyOnline.com