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"Co-Creating Love" with Andre Below

"Co-Creating Love" with Andre Below

Thursday Online Radio Host

Andre Below shows you how to Rock Your Life with Ease and Fun!

He is The Dream Shaman, an Expert in Energy Healing and Raising Your Consciousness, coming from a place of Unconditional Love and the Highest Divine Light.

Creating your life from the inside out, connecting deeper with your true authentic self, your higher self and your spirit guides are his passion.

With divine guidance, he developed a revolutionary new healing method that aligns your energy on all levels deep down to your DNA with your divine self.

You can experience this healing, learn how to channel and express it confidently through your voice to bring forth this healing, in the Arcturian Sound Healing Academy.

Andre combines his soul wisdom and intuitive skills with training – he is certified as a:

~Relaxation Therapist

~Reiki Master

~Spiritual Healer


~Realm Reader

~Archangel Life Coach

~Wellness Masseur

~Audio Engineer

~Music & English Teacher

Check out his website www.andrebelow.com

Join his Facebook Community:  Twin Flame Guidance

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Arcturian Sound Healing Academy

Tune Into Your Highest Potential and Let Us heal the world and make it a better place!

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