Andre Below

Andre Below

Archangel Life Coach, Magical Musical Medium, Fairyologist & The Dream Shaman

Andre is a lightworker, an earth angel with a mission to make this world a better place by raising consciousness.

Most of us have forgotten why we are here. We have become sick of all the troubles of how “life” should be like. Andre had been sick of his “bad luck” in love, of being misunderstood, exploited, and not taken seriously.

Until he remembered why he is here: Meditation became his favorite medication, as he reconnected with his Inner Reality to consciously create his Outer Reality.

Andre Below is The Dream Shaman, a Magical Musical Medium, Interdimensional Peacemaker & More.

He is also a Healer of Healers, and following his guidance, created the Arcturian Sound Healing Academy to help others to tune into the healing powers of channeling higher dimensional arcturian beings through sound, song, light, and energy.

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Arcturian Sound Healing Academy

Tune Into Your Highest Potential and Let Us heal the world and make it a better place!

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