I love “International Angels Network” radio and would like to start my own show. 

You do not have to be a big radio star to be on the radio.

If you have the passion for speaking to an audience, interacting with your listeners, and perhaps even achieving a star status, go ahead, prepare for your show and go on the air!

We handle everything for you, including getting you on the air Live, routing callers, and building a profile page on our website, where listeners can find your archived shows and listen on demand. Your show will also be heard live through iPhone, Android, iPad/Tablets and Laptop/Computer.

International Angels Network is proud to present the most host-friendly Internet radio station anywhere.

Our low airtime fee makes it affordable to host your own radio show right away, and provides you with everything you need to broadcast your show LIVE in audio quality on the Internet, while being promoted on our website, social networks, search engines, and iTunes (including Podbean, Google Play, Stitcher, MyTuner Radio, and NOW on iHeart Radio and so many other platforms).

International Angels Network is NOW offering the option to broadcast live audio/video on your show on YouTube Live!

You receive your own page on our website where your shows are archived for on-demand streaming and downloading, and where you can feature your sponsors. Your page will be easy to find and you’ll be featured regularly on our front page.

Receive callers on our call-in numbers and interact with listeners from anywhere in the world. Take advantage of the mobile revolution and be heard anywhere, even in the car, with your own smartphone.

There are no long-term contracts or obligations.

Join a respected radio station that knows what it takes to succeed, where people will actually listen to your show and where you can build your audience.

Most importantly, you produce your own show, say what you want, be yourself, and maintain complete control.

If you’re passionate about radio, and media, or want to pursue promoting your business, getting your message out and receiving substantial exposure around the world, we make it easy so that you can broadcast the best show you can!

Here at International Angels Network, you have the opportunity to have so many doors open for you and you will be guided the whole way! We can help you create your own Workshops and help you market them, and our host and founder will guide you and help you get your Book(s) Out (and Decks)!

The opportunity is rather Turn-Key, with experienced hosts and staff, holding your hand through the whole process!

We have found that a dynamic of two Hosts works the best. This way, you have partners in planning out your episodes, Topics, and Guests, etc. Plus if you need time off, the show still goes on! So again, you won’t be going it alone!

In addition, beyond becoming The Expert, and also having a lot of fun doing a Radio Show, there are many ways to Monetize Your Show: Booking Readings for yourself, creating and selling your own Workshops & Products, getting sponsors for your show, and so on.


Here’s a partial list of what we provide you:

  • You get the benefit of being a host on our Network, with the other hosts & shows promoting your show!
  • All the training you need, and the benefit of our experience!
  • A staff member will host your PREMIER EPISODE, interviewing you and co-host/s.
  • A staff member will run the board for you.
  • On-going technical support
  • Marketing and Promotion of Your Show
  • Creation of any Pages you need on the Website.
  • Inclusion in our List of Hosts
  • Special Host-Only Promotional Opportunities
  • Create Promotional Banner for You
  • Create the Episode Promotional Posts
  • Create the Episode Replay Posts
  • Setup the individual episodes on the BlogTalk Radio System for you
  • Provide Social Media promotion, Instagram, Twitter and so on, to thousands of Followers and more

Start Your Journey to Becoming a Host, and “The Expert” TODAY!

In addition, beyond becoming the expert, and also having a lot of fun doing a Radio Show, there are many ways to Monetize Your Show: Booking Readings for yourself, creating and selling your own Workshops, Products and Services, getting Sponsors for your show, and so on. If in doubt about whether or not you fit just ask us.

This is for you if you are:

  • Computer literate and Social media savvy (Recommended but NOT required)
  • Dependable
  • Confident
  • Someone who loves having good, intelligent conversations
  • Able to spend 1-2 hours a week on this
  • Good at sharing your insights in a concise manner
  • Agile at responding to changes
  • Prompt at paying
  • A great coach, teacher, reader, healer and so forth
  • Positive attitude
  • Able to talk about what you do without making it seem like you’re selling your services. We don’t want the shows to be infomercials but instead great discussions that can help people not necessarily clients. If people are drawn to you, they’ll become clients.
  • Self-sufficient, a quick-learner, independent and willing to work as a team


This may not be for you if:

  • You already have a ton of things going on and would have to “fit this in”
  • The things on the above list are not your strengths; we want to be inclusive, but on the other hand, we want to operate efficiently, effectively, successfully and stress-free. This is our vision for how to do so. 


What’s The Cost? There is a monthly Host Fee of just $110.00 US dollars.  This lets us know that you are serious about this endeavor, and to compensate our staff for all the work, noted above. However, you will have the opportunity to make many times the fee amount, by monetizing your show! It’s our intention that Our Hosts Make Money! PLUS, you can divide the host fee with your co-host.  If you decide you would like a co-host on your show you can divide the Host Fee of $110.00 US dollars to $55.00 US dollars. 

New network programs are considered through a selection process. If you are interested in hosting a live internet talk radio show on International Angels Network, your first step is to pitch us your show idea by speaking with our Executive Producer and Founder Claudia Ibarra.

Our initial phone interview allows us to evaluate you as a potential host. Don’t worry, Claudia is very friendly, warm and welcoming. No worries!


Please select and date and time to schedule your initial phone interview with our Executive Producer.  She will also explain more about being a radio show host and any questions you may have.

Don’t worry, your information is safe with us. We will not sell or distribute your information to any third parties.

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