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Meet Your Host Bernadette

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Bernadette Garvin

Saturday Radio Show Host 

Bernie is an experienced Clairvoyant & Healer, a genuine, sincere, warm, caring and compassionate lady who provides you with concise readings from the angel cards, fairy cards and other oracle decks.  Bernie is a gifted Intuitive Empath Medic, Psychic, Medium and Spiritual Healer.  When you Journey with her as a Clairempathic, Bernie can physically tune into the emotional experience of a person, place or animal.  She senses and feels the attitudes and emotions or physical aliments of another person living or past. 

She reside and grew up in the west coast of Ireland, a place called Galway, that's a beautiful and magical as it sounds.  She realized at an early age, that she had a special gift where she could connect and communicate with Angels, Spirits, Animals and Nature.  These gifts continued to develop over time but a profound "near death experience", where she left her body and went to a place of "White Light" and connected with "Heavenly Beings' that enhanced her abilities even more.  

She is also a competent Nurse with expertise in several specialized area, especially the Oncology or Cancer setting. Furthermore, she is a Psychotherapist and Counselor with an extensive background working with Bereavement and Loss, Sudden Death, Trauma or Suicide.  Complementary therapies include: Reiki and Crystal Energy Healing and the combination of all of the above with "Mediumship" shall provide you with an accurate clear concise reading or healing.

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