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Meet Your Host Dianne

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Dianne Morgan

Tuesday Radio Show Host "Angel Navigation"

Dianne is a Mystic Intuitive Healer and Communicator. She works with many Archangels and Masters. She proclaims her faith by following the teachings of our Creator, and Jesus. These are the teachings of Love, Compassion, Sharing, Peace, Joy, Forgiveness and Non-judgment, the teaching of finding the Christ Consciousness within self. 
Once Dianne experienced her Spiritual awakening, which she describes as simply meaning “becoming aware of your connection;” she then spent many years practicing that connection, reading and studying everything she could find that taught about the Angelic Realm. 
Along with her Angel studies, she also studied Usui Reiki where she achieved a Reiki Certification. 
She explains, “Although I do not practice Reiki in my healing techniques, it was very beneficial to me in understanding the abilities of energy and healing.” 

Dianne also created (with the help of Archangel’s) Angel Navigation workshops, where she helps others discover and understand their unique Connection with the Spiritual Realm using their God-given gifts. 

She is a Certified Medium, Angel Card Reader, Angel Intuitive and an Angel Therapy Practitioner, Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher, Energy Healing, Speaker and Published Author. 

 Dianne is dedicated to her mission to help others grow spiritually and the healing arts. We ALL have the gift of being connected it is simply recognizing your connection and working with it to communicate with the Archangels, Angels, Jesus and other Masters, and our Creator. 
Like a muscle the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Working with Spirit is uplifting and exciting! Following this Divine Guidance, we can bring Unity, Love, Compassion, Peace, and Joy to Earth for All kind. 
As a Light Worker and Warrior, my mission is to guide all who are seeking to discover and explore their connection. “Teach them to Connect, and Spirit Will do the Rest” the guidance given to her in a dream state. Working with Spirit and teaching others we are all connected is one of her greatest joys. 

 Dianne lives in Canyon Lake, Texas with her husband and her Jack Russell Rowdy. She is a mother and grandmother. 
You can find the story of Dianne’s Spiritual Journey in, “Go Where They Are.” She is also co-authoring in several anthologies compiled by Teresa Haley-Howard and co-author of earlier works as Morgan Shores, all available on Amazon.

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“Keep it simple! Mankind has made it far too hard to understand Spirituality.” Archangel Raziel said these words to me when I began the outline for teaching Spiritual Workshops.
We are all born connected and to communicate with the Spiritual World!
I am keeping it simple and sharing with you my life-long experiences of claircognizance, and a clairvoyant dreamer, before I knew what any of this meant.
I invite you on my journey for a better understanding of yours....

An epic spiritual journey of free-will! Set in modern day Galveston, Texas; two strangers Lilith Nolan and Sophia Moore each shockingly discover they are the lineage of ancient twin goddesses. The Time Keepers of their families have written that the Goddess of Light and the Goddess of Shadows will incarnate somewhere down the lineage when the balance of Gaia is threatened. One must save her sister; the other must choose a side! As they are awakened to battle the Lord of the Demons for The Balance of light and dark!

The Balance series continues. Set in modern-day Galveston, Texas, the Goddesses and their families discover the Ancient family secrets that will challenge their faith and change their futures. They once again must unite to maintain the balance between light and dark.

This powerful book is full of testimonies. Each of the Authors share a glimpse into their lives and the Grace God has extended them. I pray you will read each chapter and be touched by God's amazing Grace. He has a plan for you and it is for a beautifully blessed life. You will be inspired and encouraged by each of the chapters and transparency of the amazing authors who bravely shared their stories.


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