"Living Shamanically" with Garrett Jackson

"Living Shamanically" with Garrett Jackson

Monday Podcaster Radio Host

Garrett Jackson is a professional spiritual teacher, shamanic practitioner, and psychic medium whose goal is to help you form your own deep, personal, and healing connections with the Divine.

Garrett has been conducting spiritual work for clients internationally since 2014. He got his start doing angel readings, mediumship, and energy healing. He has graduated from numerous advanced trainings in angel work, including Charles Virtue’s Advanced Angel Practitioner and Archangel Life Coach® programs.

Garrett now offers private psychic readings, group readings, and remote readings over email, phone, and Skype. He also teaches trainings and workshops on shamanic living, intuitive development, energy management, and more.

Garrett’s passion for teaching lies in helping others form their own unique and personal connections with the Other Side. In his extensive teaching experience, he has taught workshops and seminars on many topics, including shamanic journeying, mediumship, crystal healing, and work based on Sandra Ingerman’s Medicine for the Earth teachings.

?He is also Radleigh Valentine’s Social Media Magician (isn’t that the best title?), helping Radleigh create and post social media content.

At his current age of 21, Garrett studies psychotherapy and integrative mental health, and is working his way through college to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. His desire is to bring Western psychology and spiritual healing together to help bring the whole person into balance. When he isn’t in class, Garrett can be found hiking, reading a book in nature, or watching the latest episode of Teachers.

Contact for readings by email [email protected] or here

Website:  www.garrettpjackson.com

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