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International Angels Network offers on-going support, coaching and mentoring for all spiritual entrepreneurs worldwide and not just Angel Practitioners.  You no longer have to go it alone!

Whether you are just now taking some of our Certification Courses, and about to start your own business, or have been practicing your practice for years, we can help you build your business!

  • International Angels Network Certificate of Membership
  • A Welcome Package with a FREE How To Mini-Course and a Welcome Video from our Founder of International Angels Network Claudia Ibarra on her story on how she was guided to follow her guidance and a One FREE Social Media consultation with our founder. 
  • FREE Monthly Giveaways
  • Inclusion in Our International Spiritual Entrepreneur Network!
  • Access to Our Private Business Networking Group on FB
  • Your own Custom URL Webpage:…which leads to:
    • Your Own International Spiritual Entrepreneur Page …tell the world about yourself and your services
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    • The opportunity to appear as a Special Guest on IAN Online Radio Network
    • Sponsorship Discount.  Help sponsor one of our radio host show and we will advertise your business by announcing during the show “This episode is sponsored by (Your Business Name) please visit (Your Website or Webpage) and we will also list you on our radio hosts webpage as their sponsor.
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