I am a golden child of God you know me within your heart, and I am coming to you through this sister of spirit.

So many of you question your purpose, your mission on planet earth, in fact making it much harder on yourselves to understand.

Beloveds I have been waiting for this connection. I have much to share with humanity on the ascension which some are calling the New Golden Age.

You are all golden children, you come from the golden light of the Creator.
Many are questioning the mission, the mission is pure and simple, “Love.”
In order to love all things, one must shed their inner restrictions of not loving themselves. “Acceptance” is the first step of discovering the love of self.
The journey is to uncover all aspects of self, such as peeling an onion there are many layers, you have aspects of many lives to heal. Yes, you must learn to love others, however, your first lesson is self.
You hold within your cell body and your soul body, all past life memories which you came to heal in order to heal the heart and evolve into your true spiritual self.
Think of stardust sprinkling through the sky, each speck of dust falls and touches the earth.
The planet earth is covered in specks, that if all were swept together would make up a massive sparkling mountain of dust. That is the collective. The word collective simply means, made up from the ALL. The
ALL is the I AM. The speck of stardust that you are, is part of the I AM. I AM lives within each living thing.
Hence the mission as you call it on earth is to open your heart, love yourself, accept yourself as part of the whole. You are no different than the speck of stardust, all the same, but together can build a
You will need all specks of dust to accomplish this, all beings equal, all beings love. Acceptance of all things opens the heart to see, instead of the visual from the eyes. It is then that your mountain will take the form. As the mountain begins to get higher and higher the energy intensifies and creates a force of love. We see there is much work being done on planet earth by many lightworkers, we are pleased. We are also preparing for the energies that are now being released from planet earth, for u,s it is like what you would refer to as a solar storm.
When earthlings understand they are of love their road becomes smoother. You search and you search for happiness when your happiness can only be found within the heart space.
Your material world has many temptations to steer you from your true happiness with the promise that this or that will make you happy. Which in turn causes you to spend more than you earn when everything you truly need lives within you and is given freely for pure joy. The journey allows you to find joy in the a beauty of life. The sunrise and the sunset are magical miracles given to make your heart fill with joy. But do you even stop to notice such beauty? The simple things, earthlings call them,
are truly free gifts. Be content with the beauty of life, love, and happiness. Find joy in knowing these things are gifts given to you by Creator.

Perhaps going back to basics, look around, do you truly need all your gadgets to fill your time and bring you happiness? Or are you simply filling time on earth?
Honor Creator, help they neighbor, bring joy to another, fill your idle hands with love, reconnect to your spirit. I ask you, “How can one find peace in the world when you won’t sit still long enough to find peace within oneself?
Once the masses stop putting energy into the media, stop feeding those who worship power and money, big business, banks, government, then the more we can break down the illusion of fear, of not enough, of unacceptance. Tap into your spiritual self and be free. We are creating a new earth, it has taken thousands of years and many lifetimes, this is our mission, a return to love from whence you came.
The mission beloveds are to build a solid foundation of Love on Earth.