Nanaiya Craft

Nanaiya Craft

Spirit Medicine Woman, Spiritual Advisor & Healer, Herbalist, & Author

Nanaiya is a Spirit Medicine Woman. She specializes in Touch Therapy and holistic treatment for healing all dis-eases. She is an advocate of the myriad qualities of Cannabis and Hemp and applies her knowledge to her healing practice.

After several years in the world of mortgage finance, she embraced the healing world of Cannabis. With a wealth of knowledge from being an integral part of numerous commercial organic growing operations over a 20-year span, she has become an expert in the field. She has studied for many years the medicinal uses of natural plants (herbs), raw foods and alkaline eating, and advises many people on a more healing path with diet and mental clarity as well as the amazing uses of Hemp for overall balance.

She is a warrior of BIA ALCL, implant breast cancer as of October 5, 2017, and has healed herself completely with her Enlightened Oils Hemp CBD and her in-depth knowledge of foods for healing.

She resides happily in Sedona, Arizona with her husband Morgan and their new rescue dog Bruce Wayne.

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Enlightened Products for Enlightened People

Buddha Farms is a lifestyle and wellness company focused on products and experienced infused with the healing qualities of hemp.

The company is a tribe of versatile souls whose passion and drive is to provide handmade and curated products, education and assistance to those seeking a healthy lifestyle.

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