Neelam Rai

Neelam Rai

Intuitive Business Mentor


Neelam Rai is a compassionate Angelic Master Healer & Intuitive Business Mentor. World renown Angelic Prosperity Teacher and creator of Angelic Life-Force Healing© and Angelic Master Healings©. Neelam is unlike other business coaches or life coaches. She integrates both Practical & Spiritual Tools to get you faster results. She is an Indian Immigrant, overcame many hurdles from College to Corporate World to health challenges all under age 35. She understands the power of Angelic Abundance Blocks Clearings to prosper no matter where you are in your life. She personally has helped over 100s of Wellness Coaches, Healers, and Entrepreneurs who get Instant Angelic Miracles to gain clarity, release energetic imbalances and abundance blocks. What sets her apart is that she is more than a Business or Spiritual Life Coach. All of her Intuitive coaching & Abundance Clearing offers are based on the premises of creating breakthroughs in both your Personal, Spiritual and Business Growth.

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