Ruth Humphreys

Ruth Humphreys

Fairyologist, Speaker & Story Teller, Spiritual Artist & Reader

Ruth Humphreys is a storyteller, speaker, reader, fairyologist and spiritual artist. She teaches about the power of sacred play, and the art of integrating play, creativity, and spirituality into our lives. Ruth runs the Wonderled Playground, a safe space for leaders to explore wonder, courage and inner growth. The Playground is a place where leaders can reconnect with their childhood dreams and loves through a process of intuitive inner-child storytelling, doodling, creative play, and bubbles! Ruth offers 121 sessions as well as programs to help you reconnect with your playful inner child and wonder.

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​”Ruth Humphreys is a fantastic story teller and has told stories to the children of my fairy festival. I would highly recommend her for future events”

Janine Brockway

Enchanted Forest Fairy Festival and Rays of Violet Energy

Photo by Rajesh Mehmi

International Yoga Day, Maidenhead 2016

​​“Thank you very much for the Elves and the Shoemaker story telling session yesterday. It was well delivered and the children were very engaged in the presentation of the story.
They really enjoyed your fantastic outfit and it really completed the experience for them, we hope that maybe you can come in again and tell us another story”

Maidenhead , Boyne Hill Infants School

“Ruth has the rare gift of being able to tell stories from that living breathing place within the tale; merging magically with her listeners, she immerses in the community.”

Dave Hampton

Carbon Coach and Watt Next Show, Marlow FM Presenter

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