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"Divine Guidance" with She-She O'Donnell

"Divine Guidance" with She-She O'Donnell

Saturday Online Radio Host

After a series of synchronistic events where the Universe gifted her with a free trip to Doreen Virtue’s Swimming with the Dolphins Retreat in 2001, she was guided to move from Chicago to Los Angeles to deepen her psychic abilities and to share her music.

From a young age she always had what felt like “gifts from God” and just an innate “knowing” and being able to hear angels whispering in her ear the important things that people she loved needed to hear, that helped take away their stress and fear and bring them back into a space of peace, love, and connection with God. Throughout the many courses, workshops and constant self-practice and study, she learned how to take her natural abilities and focus in with the guidance of her angels, as well as other people’s angels and guides to assist people in moving through their inner obstacles and gaining clarity. It is truly a deep joy she feels in being able to assist people in this way…to be able to facilitate Divine Guidance for people brings her at least as much joy and peace as her clients are also experiencing after their readings with her…and that is when you know you have tapped into your true purpose!

She also loves interviewing other Lightworkers and helping them shine their light as well as facilitating leading meaningful conversations to inspire, make people think, and remember their own divinity.

Visit her website: www.DivineGuidanceReadings.com