Gabriella Danielle

Gabriella Danielle

Lifestyle & Business Coach, Speaker & Energy Healer


Gabriella is the creator behind the prosperous Soul-Getters brand, which helps individuals, unleash their greatest gifts and transform their reality into a life beyond their wildest dreams. Gabriella works as a Spiritual Advisor, Healer, Teacher, and Speaker to help individuals reconnect with their soul and find purpose in both their life and business. She believes that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and the sooner we re-connect to our soul’s calling, the sooner we will begin to step into a life filled with freedom, abundance, and bliss. Gabriella uses her own intuition when working with clients, to help guide them in the greatest ways possible. She will help you release any blocks and/or limiting beliefs that are no longer serving your souls growth, so you can learn to trust your intuition and believe in dreams, helping you find clarity and purpose in both your life and business. Gabriella is a certified Angel Intuitive, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Integrated Healing Arts Practitioner.

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We all have an inner child that lies within our solar plexus. Without knowing, your inner child can actually be holding you back, due to fear from past experiences. Through healing your inner child, you will feel better, as well as be able to navigate through life in a way that is aligning you to your souls calling. Listen to this meditation weekly.

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I  have had the absolute honor to work with Gabriella through life coaching. The amount of change that I underwent during that time was remarkable. She really helped me reconnect with my higher-self. Every single session I felt closer and closer to my goals, which seemed easy to attain with her guidance. I will never forget the powerful lessons she has taught me to carry me through on my journey. She is an angel in my life.

Gabriella is the most talented and on point intuitive that I have ever been to. She was able to tap into many areas of my life and give me clear guidance that really resonated with me. I am forever grateful for her. These words don’t do even come close to expressing my gratitude for the experience that I had with her. I’m am still so blown away by her gift and the beautiful woman that she is!!! I felt comforted, at peace, and very light after my session with her.

Working with Gabriella has expanded my spirituality and business in SO many ways! I always feel so good after our sessions and gained a 1:1 client within a month of working with her! I have also gained so much clarity and direction with my business. Gabriella is extremely intuitive and has guided me in ways that I never thought possible. She truly has helped me to launch my career as a spiritual business coach with ease, flow and clarity! I look forward to working with her and always leave feeling like I am on a HIGE VIBE!!!

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