Susan Bischak

Susan Bischak

Medium, Energy Healer, Past Life Regressionist, Thermographer & Author

Susan Bischak is a medium, past life facilitator, energy healer, ordained minister, thermographic technician, lecturer, and author.  She is certified in many healing techniques: Reiki, IET, IGM, Touch-for-Health, Biosyntonie, Biofeedback, Yuen, etc. and will soon be offering Biofield Tuning sessions using tuning forks. She likes to combine techniques into a session of intuitive body scanning and clearing she calls Quantum Energy Shift.

Susan is the author of  “Healing a Desperate Heart: A Memoir of Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness“.

**New clients are offered a $20 discount off the usual $100 fee.**

Phone sessions for mediumship are available.  All other modalities are done in person at several locations.    Call 973-838-7211 to schedule.  

Check out her website:

A Memoir of Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness

There is a need for many of us to heal old emotional wounds. With love compassion and forgiveness, this can be done. It may be that the one who forgives may benefit the most by coming to terms with what was, in order to break free of negative effects from the past.

This book is about her personal healing journey to learn about forgiveness told from the unique point of view of a medium and past-life regressionist. Unusual occurrences keep the reader’s interest while the emotional content carries them through to the end.

Susan’s experience was profound and full of lessons. She felt guided through the healing journey and when it was done, and she knew she needed to share it to help others heal and learn as well.

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“I had been to other mediums, John Edwards gallery included, and I have never had a better experience than with your reading. You have brought me the peace with both parents that I needed, and I am forever grateful to you. I can’t wait to have another private reading.”

D. Hicks

California. USA

“I came to Susan with pain that was an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. The pain was so severe that I went to the emergency room where they only offered me addictive painkillers that I refused to take. I had a session of Quantum Energy Shift with Susan, who discovered a past life event related to the pain. Later that week I came for a Biosyntonie session, after which the pain lessened by 50%, so I was able to sleep better. After the second Biosyntonie session, my pain was reduced to almost nothing.”

Daniel J.

Thanks to you, I am no longer a pre-diabetic! My A1C test is 5 and my blood sugar has been running about 95. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m feeling great and all because of you! L-glutamine and chromium picolinate are my new BFFs.

Dotti G.

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