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Meet Your Host Suzi

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Suzi Parrett

Saturday Radio Show Host 

She came from a long line of Romany ancestry. Her great mother Brilannia was the queen of the Romanies.  She would read tea leaves, and was very good by all accounts. 

She has a vast range of abilities.  She is 100% natural in her talents with the help of her angels and spirit guides.  Who have nurtured her and guided her on her spiritual journey in the here and now. 

She has been conversating with spirit since she can remember, seeing and hearing them clearly.

Her psychic and clairvoyance have always been there.  She has been giving readings for nearly 30 years. She is also ghost bust for troubled spirits stuck on this plain.  Who have missed the divine light to pass over.  She is able to bring in the divine light so they can go up to continue on their soul's journey.  She has managed to converse with hundred to help move them over. She has the ability to see her own and other people's past lives as it comes in vision form.  She can recognise soul's she has met before.

She have had used tarot and angel card readings in the past, but she feels more comfortable conversing with spirit directly.

She also works with her angels and spirit guides daily.  They help her with even the simplest of tasks. She is constantly aspiring to learn more.  She also believes she was chosen to do what she does and as a light worker she is here to help others, and to pass on the knowledge she has within. She has been encourage by spirit to do more work with crystals and energy work so that is where she is heading now. Something new to her and very exciting! 

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