Beloved’s, I am Archangel Michael, We see much confusion, much discouragement, as there seems to be a thought that you will be given your Life Path, your Divine Mission, by others. When in truth your soul knows what you came to earth to do. I come today to help clear confusion, or illusion that the human mind has created.

 “The Life Path” the “The Divine Mission.” More and more wonder aimlessly searching, asking “what is my mission?” You will not be in the human body for eternity, why then are you pondering the question. In all the searching and questioning you are merely wasting precious time on earth.

You choose your path long before you incarnate into the physical body. You are exactly where you are supposed to be for the lessons you agreed to learn this lifetime, all lessons are for your soul’s growth.

There is no soul further along or trailing behind you. For you are each taking your unique journey which can not be measured.

The master plan for each of you, Be love, Love is the mission for all humanity. It’s how you find it, how you show it, express it through your life lessons.

The time is now to get out of your head. You all came to help raise the vibration of earth. You are on your Life Path just by being on earth and awakening and becoming aware of your connection with the spiritual realm, you are doing this or else you would not be searching for a greater path. When in truth you are the Divine Mission.  

Feel it in your heart, you will know the path that was meant for you to take. But you will get nowhere if you stop and wait for the right moment or modality to land in your lap. Think of it as taking a road trip, as long, as you continue to drive you will reach your destination. But if you continually stop, it will prolong your arrival. Now is not the time to ponder the future for it is not a promise. You have a saying on earth, “You never know what tomorrow will bring.” Do not wait and play the what if’s in your mind.

It is not certain where the idea of I have to do this, or I have to do that comes into play with the spiritual journey. There are no tally sheets, no competition and no one keeping score of who did what in heaven. Each person stands on their own lessons and their own intention.

You do not have to have a grand mission to be the change that is needed. Open your heart and see where you can be in service. There is a misconception that you must walk a straight path, from point A to point B, this is a human thought. Any path chosen by you is the right path for that moment. Get out of your head, now is not the time for procrastination. Many do not realize that procrastination can be the doom, you will continue to search for that Life Path and Your Divine Mission instead of Living the Divine Mission where you currently are.

How may I be in service is the question to ask, and then search your heart for the answer. Anything you do from the heart and expecting absolutely nothing in return, that is service to humanity, that is sharing compassion and love. For it is only through Love that you raise the vibration of your plant earth.  Your mission therefore, is do what feels good in your heart. Plant seeds of Love that is your mission. Love has a ripple effect like a pebble thrown across the water, it splashes and pools, expands and then flows out into the river, blending into the water. That is what the seed you plant can do as well, it continues to grow in each individual whose heart you touch, this is fulfilling the mission.

You can not get from zero to our Creator at sixty miles per hour, the human body would implode. It is not a race against your fellow brothers and sisters, for each chose different lessons for this lifetime. Enlightenment is not a reward you are given, enlightenment is reached individually by the soul’s growth through many lifetimes. There are no short cuts.

We are with you, encouraging you and guiding you. Feel us in the heart space, not the mind, what is your heart telling you?

I humbly come to you now in hopes that you will understand, you are on your unique path. You are on your Divine Mission, Be love.  

You are Loved, You Love, and You are Love.