Therese Heart

Therese Heart

Angel Medium & Mentor

Therese Heart is Certified Angel Medium and Mentor who has been providing readings, healing, and support to guide empathic professional women awakening to their Divine Life Purpose who can benefit from her psychic insight to make informed decisions towards their big dreams and goals.

Many of her clients come from a background of social anxiety, psychological bullying, sexual escapism, and LGBTQIA+ and identity struggles that prevent them from living their most authentic life.

She helps women (yes, including queer and non-binary) heal their childhood pain and trauma, empowering them as agents of change in their lives.

 “I always show clients how they are agents of change in their lives. Life may give you tragedy, heartbreak, rainy days, and storms, but you get to decide what happens after. I am a Spiritual Consultant to those women who choose to respond back to their lives with empowering and aligned action.” – Therese’s Psychics.Directory Profile

Therese has conducted 800 readings and counting and is a Certified Angel Medium and Mentor (AMM™), USA (2017); Certified Spirit Guide Coach, Deborah King Center, USA (2017); Certified Money Reiki Practitioner Usui Shiki Ryoho, Master Rebecca Nulliah of Healing with Wolves, Mauritius (2016); Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner, Academy of Ancient Magik, UK (2018); and Certified Integrative Wellness Coach, Renaissance Life Therapies, UK (2018).

She loves community and is a Angel Reader and Coach radio guest (Rx.93.1, IAN), podcast guest (The Spiritual Phoenix, Conversations with Freedom), and published author and contributor (Healing Pen Publishing, Mod & Alt Health Magazine).

While she’s not working, she enjoys cozying up with her rescued cats, hot tea, watching video game breakthroughs, and writing 3 things to be thankful for each night on her journal.

You may contact Therese for Spiritual Readings and Mentoring through her website.


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