Beloved earth children, the confusion of the journey is not a new one. In your world you want instructions, books, instant gratification. The spiritual journey is not instant, there are no steps from A to Z and you are there. Ask yourself, “Where is There?” Each journey is as unique as you are, and the road will twist and turn for the lessons your soul felt needing to learn this lifetime. 

The spiritual journey is nothing new. For thousands of years man has been seeking their connection to a Higher Power. We are here guiding you. However, we are saddened by those that see spirituality as a way to enhance their own lives and not the lives of all.

There were and still are many false prophets which will cause you even more confusion. The false prophet is the teacher that leads you to believe they have the only correct path to enlightenment. They will provide you enough information for you to want more of their teachings, to continue to follow them, become dependent on them, cling to their answers, perhaps even idolize them. We see there are those that give you just enough information to want more, always offering another step to be taken with them, for yet another payment. Your spirituality was never intended to be a business. Watch for these prophets, follow your intuition. A true prophet will remind you of the tools you have and lead you to find the answers from within through your connection with the Holy Ones, the Divine. They want you to find and bask in your own connection, to shine your light leading others to find theirs. The true teacher leads you to find these answers for yourself, they do not promise this is the only way it can be done, or that their teachings are 100% full proof for you.

You are unique and there is no one more special than you in the eyes of Creator. Those who have done the work appear to have the answers, however, one must understand they merely have the answers for themselves. One must seek, discover and learn what is in their own hearts, not be led through the thoughts of others, but understanding you are connected and you have the tools to reach the Divine for guidance. The teacher will help you explore these tools.

There is much conversation on planet Earth on Ascension, we ask that you understand that you are the only one that can reach this consciousness for yourself, no one can do this for you. Ascension is merely raising your consciousness and your communication with Creator. Creator has given you all the tools you need to find the hidden treasure; for you are the key to the wisdom of the light you are seeking. Esoteric wisdom is held in each and every soul, your soul is full of Divine Light and Grace, you are all on the journey of ascension.

The only truth is You are a child of Creator, you are connected to the Holy Ones and you have everything you need to find your connection. There are no short cuts, no one person can led you there. There are no written manuals, for the knowledge and guidance comes from your heart.

What many do not understand is that planet earth, your human form is merely one phase of your spiritual journey. Everything is energy and energy never ends.

I AM Lord Maitreya

When I first began this session, I felt a high energy as this message began to flow. The energy felt that of Master, Lord Jesus speaking.

When I heard I Am Lord Maitreya I was amazed and humbled at the same time, I have never heard from Lord Maitreya. Who is Maitryea you might ask? Lord Maitreya is known as the Teacher of the World, some writings suggest that Jesus studied under Lord Maitreya, perhaps this was why I felt the presence of Jesus.

As I was sitting with this, I was reminded of a message of Hope from Master Hilaron, who is known as Teacher of Healing and Truth. I am guided to share it with you now.

There will come a time when all must walk as one. The time is fast approaching, the dark ones will be removed, and love will prevail. Light will surround the planet earth. Learn the ways of the light and shine the eternal light of Creator through thoughts, words and actions. You must each do your part to walk your path in the light. For over ten’s of thousands of years planet earth sat in darkness, surrounded by a soot a grey mist of unbelief, of fear, greed and many other lower energies; hence the Christ Light, also known as the Lord of Wisdom Light, was sent to planet earth to help humanity rise through the grey mist and find hope. The journey within is the journey that carries you to this light. Your eternal flame has never gone out, for it is your connection to Source.

I AM that I AM Hilaron of the 5th Ray of Healing and Truth.

My note for you is this: As Lightworker’s we are Disciples of the Light and as you continue on your journey and shine your light of love, each and everyone of you are making a difference in the vibration of humanity. We are creating a New Golden Age. May we all walk in love, light and compassion. ~Namaste~